Soho Pocket - Silk Carnaby
Soho Pocket - Silk Carnaby
Soho Pocket - Silk Carnaby

Soho Pocket - Silk Carnaby

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Brimming with 1960’s style we introduce the ‘The Carnaby’ in 100% pure silk – a delightfully bright and bold pocket square from SOHO Scarves. This design will undoubtedly add some flair to your jacket, containing huge, bold swirls of warm paisley tones against a bright golden ground is combined to create a gorgeous autumnal medley of colours.

This silk pocket square with vibrant, poppy colours is clearly inspired by the hippie movement of the sixties yet is also a classic motif worn by dandies, beatniks and mods.

The pocket square is one of the most used accessories by men. It can easily make a simple piece of clothing look elegant and luxurious. It also demonstrates that the wearer has an eye for detail.

Key features of 'The Carnaby' Silk Pocket Square include:

  • Pocket square adorned with large paisley swirls
  • Made from 100% silk for a luxurious touch and an eye-catching sheen
  • Bold and striking ‘Carnaby’ design with yellow background and orange, violet and powder blue paisley patterns
  • Dimensions: 32 cm x 32 cm
  • Hand rolled ends
  • A tasteful addition to any jacket or blazer
  • Comes with a gift box
  • Dry clean only


Soho Pocket - Silk Carnaby